Wednesday, July 07, 2010


The above two companies will be giving out dividend soon and therefore I will be exercising their warrants and convert them to shares before record date in order to be entitled to their dividend payout. Their record date for dividend entitlement are as follows:

1. METRO HOLDINGS LIMITED - 2 Aug 2010, 5pm. Final dividend 2cts per share, Special dividend 1cts per share.
2. KSH HOLDINGS LIMITED - 17 Aug 2010, 5pm. Final dividend 1cts per share.

Warrant exercise form must reach the warrant agent before 5pm on the record date to be entitled to the dividend payout. Therefore, do remember to act early for those who wish to exercise their warrants. If you want to send by post, you would have to send in the completed warrant exercise form (with cashier's order attached of course) latest on the day before record date in order reach them on the record date itself. Otherwise, you will have to visit the warrant agent on the record date personally in order to lodge your warrant exercise form on time to be entitled to the dividend payout.



Blogger ZhuKoLiang said...

this is called the guru of all guru... ;) all small small details also know... i got a lot to learn from shifu

12:41 AM  
Blogger ghchua said...

Hi newbie_george,

How is your school work coming along? Can pass all the exams? :)

Maybe you can also take the quiz. Quite fun actually.

2:29 AM  
Blogger ZhuKoLiang said...


so so lor, can pass lor, now i in france doing industrial internshiT lor... really is shiT lor.. :P

exams r tough lor... Why not sifu come n help me do exams? lol...

Huh? What quiz u referring?

8:55 AM  
Blogger ghchua said...

Hi newbie_george,

I am referring to the quiz here:

The result of the quiz can be cut and paste on your blog, just like what I've done. Have fun! :)

8:55 PM  
Blogger ZhuKoLiang said...

hi shifu,

for the CPF Saviness index, i am only an "average joe"... :(
--> THis is bcos i don't know anything about the CPF usage on HDB stuff, and in the next 5 or so years i don't think i require to buy a home. hence i don't need to know (bcos policies changes every now and then)... only when i am near to buying a home, then i will read up. i don't know if i am habouring the correct mindset? Or should i try and read up everything?

For the IM$Savvy Quiz, my grade is "guru" lor, but i m not as guru as ghchua.. lol...

7:50 AM  
Blogger Sanye said...

Haha Shifu, I exercised my Metro Warrant also. :)

7:59 PM  
Blogger ghchua said...

Hi newbie_george,

No need to read up everything lah. Just need to keep in mind some basic CPF regulation on housing. Yes, policies do change every now and then, but it will not be so massive that it upset the entire system. Therefore, I think that though policies can change, it should be minor and will not be major changes.

Hi sanye,

Great! Looking forward to their dividend payout next month. :)

7:56 PM  
Blogger ZhuKoLiang said...

i do have the opinion that, the current gahmen may be the "peak of its time", just like in olden chinese history when the rulers has its peak, and then the next successor ruler gets slightly weaker, and weaker and weaker, until the fall of the dynasty...

The current gahmen (i think) is going downwards, and if that happens, it could be (or maybe) that CPF may undergo changes... and i dunno how is it like..

Perhaps i should listen to Reverend_Chua and read up... lol..

2:31 PM  
Blogger Alvin Liu said...

I have this metro holdings limited warrant....but I have no idea how to excercise it.
You mentioned this warrant agent. Can you advice me how to contact them?
Thank you!

7:24 AM  
Blogger ghchua said...

Hi Alvin,

You can find the address and telephone numbers of the warrant agents of each listed company warrant here:

8:47 PM  
Blogger jstan said...

Can I ask where we can check on dividends posting?

7:53 PM  
Blogger ghchua said...

Hi jstan,

You can goto SGX website - Under Corporate Disclosure -> Corporate Action


11:19 PM  

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