Monday, August 06, 2012

Journey as a Full-time Investor - One Year On

Dear readers,

It is with both sadness and happiness that I wrote this blog post. Sad because I had been out of job for one year. Happy because I have survived my first year as a full-time investor! I thought I wouldn't have survived for more than 2 months initially, but thankfully, I had made it through the most difficult part - i.e. the first year.

I wish to thank all the well wishes who had posted comments in my blog here. I have met some of you personally at AGMs. You know who you are, and I wish to thank you all for your encouragement that you have given me. Also, I wish to thank all the silent readers out there who might not have posted comments here but are frequent visitors to my blog. A big thank you for your support.

I have learnt a lot during the past one year, much more than what I could have learnt when doing it part-time previously. The initial sadness of being unemployed was occupied by the activities that I have embarked on since I went full-time into investing. I also have more control on my life and I can now commit to my other activities like jogging every week. No more last minute cancellation due to work schedule. There is no bosses to report to and no unnecessary meetings to attend everyday. No need to apply leave if I don't wish to "work". But in exchange for all these, I have lost my income from full-time employment plus CPF contribution and paid company group medical insurance coverage. My skill in IT is also out-dated now. Might not be able to go back to full-time employment if I wish to in the future.

I have realized it and decided to stabilize my portfolio by introducing more value stocks into it. I have not been buying a lot of growth stocks for quite sometime. Preservation of capital and dividend yield becomes important for me. I have more time to look deeply into companies and I am more confident in over-weighting my better ideas. But most important of all, I am enjoying what I am doing now.

Will I be a full-time investor for the rest of my life? I am not too sure about that but I will try my best to continue my journey. It will not be an easy "walk", but I hope to be able to sustain my journey as long as possible. I hope to share with you more adventures on my journey in many more years to come.

Do share with me your comments that you might have here on my journey. Hope to hear from you soon.



A self-directed investor, looking to invest for retirement needs and bypass all those expensive financial planners/insurance agents. Investing is fun, profitable or most important of all, knowledge gained is useful for the rest of your life!

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